4451 Clydesdale Rd Snowflake Az - Northwest View 4451 Clydesdale Rd - Juniper Trees 4451 Clydesdale Rd Snowflake Az - More Juniper Trees 4451 Clydesdale Rd Snowflake Az - Views of the Mesa 4451 Clydesdale Rd Snowflake Az - Neighbor's Cows 4451 Clydesdale Rd Snowflake Az - View to Back of the Lot 4451 Clydesdale Rd Snowflake Az - Dirt Road 4451 Clydesdale Rd Snowflake Az - Fence Post 4451 Clydesdale Rd Snowflake Az - Wood Debris 4451 Clydesdale Rd Snowflake Az - Cactus

This is a good country property with accessible power.

There are juniper trees and dry grass with the ground being soft sand in some areas.

At the property you can hear neighboring chickens and turkeys.

There are cows also on the neighboring property at the back of the lot.

The roads are excellent-good.

There is a 3 ft tall berm from the road to the property and there are fences along the back and the north sides.

There is a wash-out that is near the northwest side of the property.

There is some debris on the property.

It is scattered around the lot, but mostly conglomerates to the north and north east side of the lot; possibly due to high winds drawing the debris to the edges of the fence.

However, with a little cleanup, this will be a nice property.

The video gives a good idea of the landscape and shows some of the debris that has accumulated against the neighboring fence. There is also a good view of the road along the front of the property and some of the views along the property. Big open blue skies with rolling clouds are common.

Located East of Snowflake in Golden Horse Ranch. Take Concho Highway from Snowflake to Clydesdale and turn South pass Golden Horse Blvd and find the lot about halfway to Morgan Lane. Use the GPS coordinates to find the center of the lot or for directions, 34.534384, -109.870342.

  • Size: 1.12 Acres
  • Legal Desc.: Ranch Of The Golden Horse #1 Lot 25 Blk 3
  • State: Arizona
  • County: Navajo
  • Elevation: 1769 ft.
  • GPS: 34.534384, -109.870342
  • Zoning: R1-10
  • Roads: Dirt
  • Taxes: $37.0
  • Time to Build: Unlimtied
  • Address: 4451 Clydesdale Rd
(520) 612-2292
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